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At Hoa Tuc, you can taste the innovation within the familiarity – the food that has already dived deeply into your subconscious now seems amazingly different with the enthusiasm and creativity of the founder. That’s how we stay true to the tradition while raising the bar for Vietnamese cuisine to meet the high expectation of the modern culinary world. Besides the food that wow your senses, we also serve a long list of fine wines selected by master bartenders, opening the flavor notes for you to enjoy the meal to the fullest.

Cooking Class

We launched Hoa Tuc Cooking Class, bringing Vietnamese cuisine of Hoa ‌Túc’s list to those interested. The “apprentices” go to the market with the chef, cook under their instruction then sit down to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Besi‌de that, our cooking class also cove‌‌rs many significant recipes of interna‌tional cuisin‌e, which are provided by top‌ chefs fro‌m Hoa Tuc’s brother brand‌s.

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Stay up to date with the most exciting things happening at Hoa Tuc. From great events, new dishes or cocktails, to exclusive deals, stay tuned & make sure you don’t miss a chance to experience the food & hospitality of Hoa Tuc.



Hoa Túc Hai Bà Trưng

A luncheon, including 1 Rice + 1 Main + 1 Veggie + 1 Soup + 1 Dessert.



Hoa Túc Ngô Thời Nhiệm

A luncheon, including 1 Rice + 1 Main + 1 Veggie + 1 Soup + 1 Dessert.


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Booking Events

At Hoa Tuc, we can offer you unlimited options for your future event, business meeting or group booking, whether you want to do it in our restaurant or at your home or office, whatever you want to celebrate and whoever you want to gather.
We can arrange special menu on request, wine, cocktails pairing and a very attentive service to each and every of your guests which will exceed your expectations.


Private Event

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